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Industrial and Commercial Customers

CLADTEKGO provide a full and comprehensive service for all aspects of Industrial and Commercial Roofing and Cladding. New builds, refurbishments, maintenance, pest control, health and safety provision, servicing and support. If you are thinking of any aspect of roofing or cladding - contact us today - and see how much we can save you!
Our customers have included: Car show rooms, retail units, wholesale units, storage facility units, sports venues, sports centres, local authority buildings, commercial offices, business parks, manufacturing premises, bonded warehouses, secure sites, installations, flat roofing premises and many other sites across South West Scotland.

Our Services Include:

• Project Surveying and Advice
• Quantifying / Estimating & Costing
• Specification and Design

• Technical Detailing and Drawings
• Smooth Transition to Preferred Contractors / Suppliers
• Health & Safety and Welfare Recommendations

Specific Considerations:

Gutter cleaning
Storm repairs
Vandalism repairing
Burglary emergency repairs
PVC upvc gutter and drainpipe replacement
Fascias and soffits
Replacement of damaged or corroded translucent corrugated roof & sidewall sheeting
Flat composite wall cladding
Composite Trim-line insulation
Composite panel roofing
Thermal conductivity
Fire rating

Sound transmission  panels
Roof soakers and ventilation
Profiled louvres
Protective coatings to rusting steel profiled overlaps
Total refurbishment of industrial corrugated buildings
Over cladding of existing
Strip and re-sheeting
Flashings trims and gutters
Asbestos removal White Cry stale corrugated material
Air testing /Monitoring and certification
Health & Safety recommendations and requirements MS/RA
Procurement of material through preferred contractors TBA

Health and Safety

We constantly review and seek to improve our Health and Safety polices. On a project to project basis we seek ways to work more safely. We ensure our quotations allow for the correct plant and equipment that is required on every site for every contract. We provide a Health and Safety booklet which is issued to all of our staff and contractors. We aim to provide relevant and up-to-date training for our supervisors. Our broadband facility enables us to download up to the minute publications from the HSE and other relevant bodies via the internet.
Any project we undertake will be subject to:

Method Statements | Risk Assessment | Forward Planning | Health and Safety phased working plans | CDM Regulations | Principle Contracting

Pest Control

CLADTEKGO offer comprehensive roof clearance at competitive prices. During the nesting season seagulls on your roof can become very territorial, dive bombing, intimidating everybody around and leaving mess over parked cars and the outside of your building. Pigeons can also colonise in large numbers over windows, door ledges and roof areas, leaving an unsightly mess and or smell. Birds colonising areas can also spread diseases such as E-Coli and Salmonella. We have in the past found that such large numbers of birds colonising roof areas can cause other problems such as blocked drains, gutters and structural damage to buildings.
 As part of our Pest Control Service we offer the following:

Roof Cleaning | Nest Removal | Pest Control Netting | Drain Cleaning | Yearly Maintenance Contracts | Unwanted Vermin Removal | Safety Controls


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